Why To Use a Professional Piano Removalist Company

When moving pianos, Michael, owner of Geelong Removalists, Get Moving Geelong, says extra care must be taken to keep it from scratching, damaging, or breaking. These super delicate music instruments are royal and have to be given that royal care while moving. Professional moving care will be able to handle the transport well. So, let’s understand the need for a professional Piano Removalists company.

This will clear your mind off the stress to manage Piano’s movement and why you need an expert for it.


AVOID ANY DAMAGE OR INJURY TO YOUR BABY-If you did try lifting your Piano on your own or even with your friends’ help, you would have realized that it is delicate but not light in weight. Various Pianos come in several shapes, sizes, and weights. However, a piano is undoubtedly tough to budge or move around, be it any piano. An added challenge would be moving your piano down the stairs. Forget about toughness, it could be dangerous to both you and your piano.

AVOID INJURY TO YOURSELF- Transporting Piano and moving it around is a danger-filled business when you do it on your own. If it slips, there’s not only damage involved but a broken piano and injury to yourself. A professional piano removalist can make your Piano moving easy and without any effort involved. As they have the expertise and the tools involved in moving the Piano the right way, you and your Piano are saved off the damage.

COST-EFFICIENT AND TIME-EFFICIENT- As the professional piano removalist company has all the expertise and training involved in the moving of the instrument, it will save you time and money. Considering if you tackle the job, you might take a long time, not knowing how to slide or move it the right way. Also, owing to the possibilities of the risk involved if there’s damage or break involved in the Piano or you, the money is saved off the loss. Moreover, the effort is minimized and worth the money involved in professional moving.

A PROPER SPACED MOVING TRUCK-When you plan to move, it’s not just your Piano alone, there can be many more things that may be taken along as you are moving from one location to another. But, when you rent out a PIANO REMOVALISTS COMPANY, they have a specialized truck with ample space and right for your Piano. It shall be placed in the truck such that there’s no damage done while loading, transport or unloading it.…


Are you looking for a professional Piano removalist company that would transport your Piano with that extra care? A piano is an instrument that is very sensitive and expensive.

  • An essential factor to consider before the hire is to gather information about their experience and how long they have been in this business. This will weight on your trust in their work and their efficiency in Piano moving business. The more expertise, more safe your Piano is. You can enquire about their methods employed during the piano moving. A detailed response from the company makes sure that they are genuine in their work, and your results will be very satisfactory. A proper professional would not cut on the information. The company would be clear about the tools and methods they use in the moving. The teamwork and their measures to keep your Piano safe are lined out.
  • Check on the confidence of the movers and observe for overconfidence with asking for the chances of the damage to your Piano, if any. A professional will line out all the hassles and hurdles of the move, for instance, if the piano has to be moved to an upper floor from the ground floor and so on.
  • Check their references from earlier customers to get a clear idea of their work and other possibilities.


Hiring a Professional piano removalist company will save you bucks, effort, and time. The services are affordable and reliable. This will keep you off the stress of moving the Piano and the possibilities of damaging you and the Piano if you do it on your own. It is essential to consider them as your Piano is worth that royal ride. Contact the best piano removalist company in your local town for the best quote.

Best of luck moving your piano!…


You’ll have to be keener if expensive furniture is involved. The experienced staff know how to handle and arrange your items so they stay safe. When tossed around carelessly, you can already guess the outcome.

Ask away and find out as much as you can to be on the safe side. What are the parameters they’ve put in place to ensure stability during transit? Take the deal if the technology is involved.

You can never go wrong with removalists that embrace technology in every stage of their business.


Moving is an expensive affair and requires you to be well organized in every way. This includes the financial aspect of it as it’s the most sensitive. Most removalist companies exclude exact quotes from their websites intentionally.

It’s up to you to follow them up by calling them in regards to this. Get to find out what else is included in their quotes. The last thing you’d want is to have unspeakable figures mailed to you in invoices.

It gets even worse if you were not prepared for those kinds of figures. When you ask, you’ll figure out whether to keep looking or settle for the removalists in question.


Find out if they have other related services to offer. This will save you the hassle of hunting down other companies for other services that you may need. Your time and money are saved if your company has a wide variety just for you.

For instance, some companies only offer transportation services. Packing and unpacking are up to the clients to figure out. You are better off when you get these facts at your fingertips beforehand.

Sometimes visiting their website is not enough to get all your questions answered. Give them a call and speak to their representatives.


In this case, a deposit might be required to set the ball rolling. Failure to pay will mean that they might not show up at all.…

Questions You Should Ask Your Removalist

When moving houses, your removalist company is the one that has your back. You should feel safe around them and trust that they’ll do a wonderful job. Moving involves packing and carrying heavy stuff.

Most of these items include your stuff. The last thing you’d wish to do is entrust them to people whose backgrounds you’re unaware of. Here are a couple of questions you should ask your removalist;


The mode of transportation is key when moving homes. You wouldn’t want your precious items getting lost or damaged, would you? A secure truck that would accommodate all your boxes is necessary.

Also, ask how often they service their vehicles to ensure that they are in perfect condition. A look at them should tell whether they are roadworthy enough to transport your items.

Get all the full details months before your due moving date. This way, you’ll have all the time to look for alternatives in case you’re unsatisfied with their answers.


Experience is vital if you’re looking for exceptional removalists. If they’ve been moving homes for years on end, you are assured of excellent results at the end of it all.

There is nothing as devastating as leaving your items at the mercy of amateurs. You’ll be counting your losses because you’ll have to pay them for their services in the long run.

You’ll be even more skeptical if they’ve been around for only a year. Stick to the ones that have 5 years experience or more and you’ll be swept off your feet.


We are talking about your property here and you have the right to know how safe they’ll be. Get to know the people that will be handling your stuff so that you know your next cause of action.

In case of any emergency, you’ll also want to know who exactly to get in touch with. Rude or unsupportive staff will be dismissed immediately you file your complaint.

It’s tricky to work with contractors because you’ll have to consider other factors. They’ll be there today but you never know about tomorrow or next week. On the other hand, employees are more trustworthy since they are known to be more reliable.…

Four Tips for Choosing a Trucking and Transport Company

Where should you start when choosing a transportation company? The only thing most people look at is the quote. While there’s nothing wrong with asking for a quote, it’s important to note that there are other factors to look at as well. What else is the company offering apart from the price? What are you getting? These are critical questions to ask yourself so you can get a company that is not only affordable but provides the quality service you want. 

Whether you’re a manufacturer, a distributor, a small business, or simply a client looking to ship your products to your location, you need to research, find, and hire a transportation company that’s committed to your service. Here are four tips to help you make sure your cargo arrives safely and in good condition at its destination. 

Establish the Credibility of the Carrier

When hiring a transportation or trucking company, you’re entrusting your investment or valuables to them. It’s important that you research and find a transportation company that’s committed to protecting your investment. Credibility can be determined by contacting several companies, researching online, asking friends and family, and checking reviews online. You might also need to visit their facilities to check their trucks. 

Check the Company’s Manpower and Equipment

A reputable trucking and transportation company has well-trained and experienced employees, as well as, the right equipment for loading and delivering your cargo in a timely fashion. What’s the company’s hauling capacity? Find out how much weight the company can handle. A company that doesn’t have enough employees and the right equipment might take more time to do simple tasks. Find a trucking company that can handle your specific needs, from loading to transportation to delivery on time. 

Do they offer a Simple and User-friendly Pricing System?

When it comes to pricing, everyone wants transparency and affordability. This is usually a major deciding factor. Well, pricing will depend on scheduling and the shipment or cargo size. However, you want to work with a trucking company that will not only be affordable but upfront about their pricing systems. They should be willing to provide you with a detailed breakdown of all the work or service they provide. No matter the type of truck you want, be sure to ask for a comprehensive, itemized breakdown of everything you want to be done. If the company isn’t willing to do so, that’s a red flag. 

Are there Guarantees?

When dealing with a trucking company, it’s important to find out if they give any guarantees to assure their customers that deliveries will always be made on time. Remember time is of the essence. If the driver delays to deliver your cargo at the agreed time, and it’s his fault, what will be the cause of action? Let them explain to you the guarantees they can give on later orders, urgent deliveries, and more. 

Finally, it’s important to work with a company that has much experience in transporting whatever item or cargo you have. Let them prove it. If possible, let the company give you references so you can confirm from previous clients what they have to say about their service.