Four Tips for Choosing a Trucking and Transport Company

Where should you start when choosing a transportation company? The only thing most people look at is the quote. While there’s nothing wrong with asking for a quote, it’s important to note that there are other factors to look at as well. What else is the company offering apart from the price? What are you getting? These are critical questions to ask yourself so you can get a company that is not only affordable but provides the quality service you want. 

Whether you’re a manufacturer, a distributor, a small business, or simply a client looking to ship your products to your location, you need to research, find, and hire a transportation company that’s committed to your service. Here are four tips to help you make sure your cargo arrives safely and in good condition at its destination. 

Establish the Credibility of the Carrier

When hiring a transportation or trucking company, you’re entrusting your investment or valuables to them. It’s important that you research and find a transportation company that’s committed to protecting your investment. Credibility can be determined by contacting several companies, researching online, asking friends and family, and checking reviews online. You might also need to visit their facilities to check their trucks. 

Check the Company’s Manpower and Equipment

A reputable trucking and transportation company has well-trained and experienced employees, as well as, the right equipment for loading and delivering your cargo in a timely fashion. What’s the company’s hauling capacity? Find out how much weight the company can handle. A company that doesn’t have enough employees and the right equipment might take more time to do simple tasks. Find a trucking company that can handle your specific needs, from loading to transportation to delivery on time. 

Do they offer a Simple and User-friendly Pricing System?

When it comes to pricing, everyone wants transparency and affordability. This is usually a major deciding factor. Well, pricing will depend on scheduling and the shipment or cargo size. However, you want to work with a trucking company that will not only be affordable but upfront about their pricing systems. They should be willing to provide you with a detailed breakdown of all the work or service they provide. No matter the type of truck you want, be sure to ask for a comprehensive, itemized breakdown of everything you want to be done. If the company isn’t willing to do so, that’s a red flag. 

Are there Guarantees?

When dealing with a trucking company, it’s important to find out if they give any guarantees to assure their customers that deliveries will always be made on time. Remember time is of the essence. If the driver delays to deliver your cargo at the agreed time, and it’s his fault, what will be the cause of action? Let them explain to you the guarantees they can give on later orders, urgent deliveries, and more. 

Finally, it’s important to work with a company that has much experience in transporting whatever item or cargo you have. Let them prove it. If possible, let the company give you references so you can confirm from previous clients what they have to say about their service.

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