Questions You Should Ask Your Removalist

When moving houses, your removalist company is the one that has your back. You should feel safe around them and trust that they’ll do a wonderful job. Moving involves packing and carrying heavy stuff.

Most of these items include your stuff. The last thing you’d wish to do is entrust them to people whose backgrounds you’re unaware of. Here are a couple of questions you should ask your removalist;


The mode of transportation is key when moving homes. You wouldn’t want your precious items getting lost or damaged, would you? A secure truck that would accommodate all your boxes is necessary.

Also, ask how often they service their vehicles to ensure that they are in perfect condition. A look at them should tell whether they are roadworthy enough to transport your items.

Get all the full details months before your due moving date. This way, you’ll have all the time to look for alternatives in case you’re unsatisfied with their answers.


Experience is vital if you’re looking for exceptional removalists. If they’ve been moving homes for years on end, you are assured of excellent results at the end of it all.

There is nothing as devastating as leaving your items at the mercy of amateurs. You’ll be counting your losses because you’ll have to pay them for their services in the long run.

You’ll be even more skeptical if they’ve been around for only a year. Stick to the ones that have 5 years experience or more and you’ll be swept off your feet.


We are talking about your property here and you have the right to know how safe they’ll be. Get to know the people that will be handling your stuff so that you know your next cause of action.

In case of any emergency, you’ll also want to know who exactly to get in touch with. Rude or unsupportive staff will be dismissed immediately you file your complaint.

It’s tricky to work with contractors because you’ll have to consider other factors. They’ll be there today but you never know about tomorrow or next week. On the other hand, employees are more trustworthy since they are known to be more reliable.

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